Blockchain Strategies

We can store proof your data existed, when it existed, and that it hasn’t changed, by using our software to store that proof on the blockchain.

What’s your blockchain strategy?

If you don’t know how to answer that question, you’re at the right place. James Davis Solutions specializes in Smart Contracts, Dapps, and blockchain strategies. Blockchain is the next disruptive technology. You’ve already seen it making international headlines, and probably didn’t even realize it.

You have heard of Bitcoin. Bitcoin made a huge splash in the financial markets by going to $19,500 per coin in 2017. The important thing about Bitcoin is not that people are throwing money at it. The importance of Bitcoin is that it uses blockchain.

Bitcoin is one tiny corner of the blockchain universe. Bitcoin is one of a thousand cryptocurrencies built on blockchain. But, cryptocurrencies are only one use for blockchain.

Blockchain in the Stack
Blockchain fits into your existing infrastructure.

Decentralized applications (known as Dapps) are built on blockchain technologies. Dapps are applications that have backends that run on massive, tamper proof, peer-to-peer networks. All the nodes participate, making it impossible for DDoS attacks to take out the backends. Dapp front ends can be hosted on other decentralized networks making the full Dapp stack extremely resilient.

Smart contracts are also built on blockchain tech. Smart contracts provide protection from data tampering. Smart contracts allow for publicly verifiable contracts with computer aided logic built in. Smart contracts allow for data and transactions to happen in the public eye in a way that cannot be hacked or tampered with, yet, still allowing privacy of user data when needed.

Many of the current Dapps and smart contracts built on blockchain rely on Ethereum. The second most popular cryptocurrency is Ethereum, so there is a chance you have already heard of it. You can trade Ethereum as a cryptocurrency. However, you can also use the Ethereum blockchain to create unstoppable, uncensorable, massively distributed applications … Dapps. Because, the Ethereum blockchain can host applications and data, it is a big part of the Dapp landscape.

It is important to realize the big change coming because of blockchain.

Imagine if you could have got in on the ground level of social media, search engines or even the Internet. The next huge disruptive tech is sitting out there. It is blockchain.

Smart contracts allow for the development of publicly verifiable information. You can place keys on the blockchain proving authenticity of everything from land titles to certifications and diplomas. Using blockchain apps made with solidity, you can set publicly verifiable contracts up, or set payments or information to be released at some future date. Decentralized applications based on blockchain tech is changing the world of technology.